SONG OF THE DAY Memory Man – The Kool Keith Show (ft. Kool Keith)

a2575808296_10When it comes to hip hop I can’t pretend to be an expert in this field but that’s the whole point, the more you listen to new things, the more you like and the more you like, the more you learn, and what better way to increase your knowledge than to write about something that grabs your attention.

Today’s song comes from Memory Man, an artist from Austin, Texas who specialises in mixing up funky, obscure, psychedelic samples with lots of spoken work extracts to create a rather unique and exciting sound.  Titled ‘The Kool Keith Show’ and ft. Kool Keith, this track is taken from ‘Broadcast,’ an album released in January this year.

What I like about this album is way in which the sampling feeds into the songs, it’s not something that overwhelms but is both a prominent and interesting feature, with each extract sourced from various radio and television stations from past decades to present day, this definitely made the album stand out for me.  Check out  ‘The Kool Keith Show’ above and be sure to listen to the whole album here, I really recommend it!!

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