SONG OF THE DAY The Cradle – Watering

artworks-000141863810-izpn8q-t500x500Ahh…how lush is this track?!  With its trickling melodies sprouting off into lots of tiny cosmic directions, ‘Watering’ is  a dazzling collage of illuminated soundscapes.  Bringing together airy vocals with folksy undertones, this upbeat song cascades into the ears quite nicely.

Brooklyn-based artist Paco Cathcart (also of Big Neck Police) has been playing with the experimental group The Cradle for nearly two years with an impressive 16th release ‘Temperate Lands’ on its way later this month.

This is to be one of the first releases of 2016 for new label Ramp Local! and is to feature the contributions of local musicians Ani Ivry-Block (of Palberta) on accordion and vocals and Sammy Weissberg (of The Gradients) on upright bass.

Temperate Lands is out January 26 and can be Pre-ordered from here.

‘Watering’ is from The Cradle’s ‘Temperate Lands’ cassette. Pre-order your cassette here –



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