SONG OF THE DAY The Pleasure Routine – Walk the Dog (Backwards)

0006560720_10This is the kind of audio pleasure I could quite easily accept as a daily routine, especially if it all sounds like this track, it’s got a lot of swagger and I can’t get enough of it!…

This is what you want to have on when you’re strutting down the street, headphones on, stomp in full swing, it’s all about the striding motion and this track certainly marches straight into your ears like a pair of hobnail boots!

‘Walk the Dog (Backwards)’ was released today by Oakland sextet The Pleasure Routine, and what’s more, it is now available for free!!!..yes, you read it right, for free, zero pence, how good is that?!!

Their sound, similar to that of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, transports you to a realm where the tunefully balanced vocals of Kevin Sofsrud and Lauren Kopp intimately share their emotional tales of awkward youth, coming of age and disaffection.

Forming in 2012 by high school classmates Kevin Sofsrud, guitarist Eric McDonald, and bassist Kirk Jacobs, the band are to release their debut album  ‘Sugar Mountain’ later this year, assisted by Ricky Maymi (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) who, impressed by their live performances, went on to produce these sessions along with engineer Greg Ashley (Gris Gris).

Keep your eyes open for annternational tour in 2016 and check out more of their great music here!

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