SONG OF THE DAY Sea Of Bees – Gnomes


downloadJulie Ann Baenziger, aka Sea of Bees, is a multi-instrumentalist from the sun-soaked Californian city of Sacramento.

Baenziger emerged sometime in 2010 with the release of her debut album ‘Songs For The Ravens.’  As with all of her music Baenziger wrote each and every song on this album, she sang every song and also played most of the featured musical instruments.  I’ve also just read on her website that Robin Hilton of NPR radio has described her by saying: “If I had to sum her up in a sentence, she’s sort of a female Sparklehorse. Her music is rooted very much in folk and rock but wildly experimental,” and from what I have heard of her music so far, that is a perfect description.

Her debut full length release ‘Songs for the Ravens’ was a collection of tales about a young woman’s discovery of the world, her discovery of the world in fact!  Each song tells a story, some are about meeting, loving and losing people, whilst others are stories of adventures, realisation and friendship; each one a poetic tale of her own experiences.  Instrumentally she has incorporated guitars, cellos, marimbas, piano and vocal tracks into this soundtrack for a life’s experience.

Taken from this album comes the alluring and mysterious, ‘Gnomes.’  Listen above.

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