SONG OF THE DAY Andre Tajchman – Smoke

x240-GhfBelgium-born and now London-based Andre Tajchman is an independent singer-songwriter who creates an individual sound based on personal expression and introspection, his warm soulful vocals often reflecting childhood woes and inner conflict.

With a knack for generating good rhythm-based songs, Andre Tajchman combines his soul-tinged vocals with a striking electronic sound; comparable to the likes of James Blake and Chet Faker, his music is both a fresh and current.

His use of syncopated rhythms, unconventional harmonies and dub sounds are also a defining feature with first single ‘Weird Kid’ and its follow-up ‘Foe’ demonstrating these elements perfectly, ( upon release both singles received good written coverage as well as AirPlay on a few radios – including BBC 6 Introducing).

Last Monday Andre Tajchman released his third single ‘Smoke’ which instantly drew me in with its delicate and alluring intro, soft rhythm and pensive melody.  As the song builds tension begins to weave its way into each melodic layer with dark notes booming out over stirring vocals.  Much is gained by minimal structure and instrumentation here, rich vocals drive the melody whilst an array of percussive beats and sounds gives a very organic feel.

If you like this track I can definitely recommend the first two singles, find these here


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