SONG OF THE DAY Strange Cages – Lavasurf Lovesong

11225263_803226939775627_7309202515641600495_nWhen I’m yearning for a little bit of psyche mayhem, I turn to the crazed, gritty punk-fuelled power of the Strange Cages.  No stranger to the LP Blog, this Brighton-based trio always put a little shiver and shake into my days whenever I blast out their sounds!

Influenced by the classic sounds of the grand old garage days of the 60’s, the Strange Cages are influenced by the post-punk sounds of 13th Floor Elevators, The Stooges and Television to name a few and state that, “We love music that’s primal and menacing, anything twisted with a touch of evil. We are a garage/psych band with cruel intentions”.…hmm, sounds like my kind of bag!

This is a sound that lurks in the shadows and dwells on the flip side of the sunshiny flower-power idealisms of the 60’s, this is angst-driven, rowdy, raw garage-punk.

On their latest track ‘Lavasurf Lovesong’, they’ve released yet another brilliant nugget of brilliance, symptomatic of their shows, which are just very, very alive.  Listen above.

Appearing on a Shacklewell Arms compilation, Lavasurf Lovesong is the first track to see the light of day from a session the band recorded with Margo Broom (who’s worked with Telegram, the Fat White Family and Phobophobes).  Grab your copy of Shacklewell Arms compilation here

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