SONG OF THE DAY Larry Gus – At Your Desk

27029988181_9634bf08f3_zPanagiotis Melidis is a Greek electronic producer who has been writing music since 2006.  Going by the name of Larry Gus, (λάρυγγας [larigas], Greek for larynx), his unique sound is built upon intricate sample-based constructions and psychedelic pop melodies.  Combining these elements with a tuneful, breathy falsetto voice and multi-layered polyrhythms, Larry Gus is all about experimentation and exploration.

On the 18th of last month the Greek psych-pop musician released a new seven-track compilation  called “At Your Desk” which  serves as a companion piece to his excellent second LP “I Need New Eyes.”  The seven-track collection features two original tracks, a cover of Bjork’s “I Miss You”, and four epic remixes from some of the album’s standout tracks by 40 Thieves, Musik Non Stop, Luke Vibert, and Daniel.T. & Cooper Saver.

First track from ‘At Your Desk’ is today’s song and what a great opening track it is.  Lightweight vocals drift over an edgy melody, cutting synths and choppy beat, the contrasting layers blending together very pleasingly.  Listen above.

Order your copy of ‘At Your Desk’ from here

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