SONG OF THE DAY Egadz – Dark Colours

0008007342_10The first thing that enticed me into this marvellous piece of music were the big beats and fierce rhythm; I’m a sucker for anything drum orientated and today’s track more than ticks this box!

What impressed me further was the discovery that all of the instrumentation, sound crafting & live drumming were provided solely by the composer and creator, and this extends to each and every one of his tracks!

Egadz, aka Erik Nava, is a Californian-based beat producer and the artist behind this great sound.  Always inspired by the rhythmic elements to music, Egadz is drawn to the beats and compositions that make up the music he grew up with.

His latest album ‘Bad Keys Drip’ is due for release in a couple of days and according to his Bandcamp page, “marks a focus on crafting an organic noise aesthetic which utilizes layers of oscillating keyboards, overdriven amps, modulation and heavy tape delay.  During the creation of this album a strong emphasis was placed on creating unique sounds from scratch, abandoning computer based sounds. ” 

This music reminds me of early DJ Shadow and I love the way that these big beats provide a sense of big open spaces in which keyboard melodies and space-age effects echo freely.  Today’s song is titled ‘Dark Colours’and will feature on Egadz’s forthcoming album.  Listen above.

“Bad Keys Drip” is out August 19th via Black Box Tapes. It is available for preorder now.

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