SONG OF THE DAY Nasambu + Kibrom – Take Your Time

0008027765_10“I love the way you take your time and set the stage just right, your love is so sublime, together we fly high”…

LA-based Nasambu Barasa and Kibrom Birhane are two solo musicians who are also members of the internationally acclaimed AfroSoul band, Nasambu and The Mystic Nomads.  After writing a song together for the very first time the pair discovered just how natural the process was and in a very few short minutes a complete song formed and thus they became the duo, Nasambu + Kibrom.

Composer and pianist, Kibrom Birhane creates sonic soundscapes for Nasambu’s lyricism and soaring melodies to flow in and around, the two fitting together perfectly.  Creating a blend of soulful classical and jazz tones the pair combine Ethiopian and Western scales with poetry sung in English, Swahili and Amharic.  The result is so dynamic, diverse interesting and unique!

Their 2016 debut EP ‘Love and Mercy’ is now available and is a carefully sculpted 3-song vision of jazzy elegance and has taken three years to complete.  Taken from this EP is first track ‘Take Your Time,’ a blissful tune that is both aptly titled and deliciously dreamy.  Vocally it soars, rising on weightless tones, whilst musically it is exquisitely delicate; about three minutes in the paces alters and this is the bit that I really like, words give way to tuneful chants and the rhythm picks up, the transition is really effective…  Listen above.

Order your copy of ‘Peace, Love and Mercy’ from here.

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