SONG OF THE DAY The Buttertones – Dak’s Back

If any day is worthy of a kick up the tush, it’s a Sunday.  I was looking for something to liven things up and suddenly remembered this song!  LA’s Buttertones really know how to rock with their fuzzed-out, garage-rock sound and never fail to energise.

I’ve been following this band since 2015 and if you like what you’ve heard so far and want to hear more, you can find many more features on the LP blog or just check out their Bandcamp page.

Originating in 2012, this psychedelic 5-piece are to release new album, Gravedigging, at the end of this month (check out a preview of their new release with, Sadie’s A Sadist). 

Dak’s Back comes from American Brunch, an album the band self-released in October 2015 and is another fine example of a superb album opener, it’s insanely lively and shake you from your Sunday slumber in no time.  Listen above.

The band’s new album will be out March 31 via Innovative Leisure, I can’t wait! Pre-order your copy from here


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