SONG OF THE DAY Hank Smith – Lamp Teeth (Featuring Krista Michaela)

A couple of days ago when I featured Brighton band, The Sticks, I was commenting on the way good music stands out no matter how it’s recorded; whether it be on basic equipment, a home studio or (as is the case with today’s artist) a warehouse, good sounds will shine through.

This is also true of US artist, Hank Smith, a young singer/songwriter who has recently branched off from his Portland, OR band, Rambush, to pursue his own musical path.

Explaining how he is “very inspired by controlled chaos and blending melody with confrontation,” Hank Smith creates a rock-based DIY sound built upon his love for sludge metal, 50’s/60’s country, exotica, psych rock, punk and surf!  Citing influences such as Sleep, Marty Robbins, Roger Miller, James Gang, Fuzz and Les Baxter, Hank is in the early stages of his solo project, but has plenty of ideas which he is currently working on.

Five days ago Hank uploaded Lamp Teeth, a superb song with an unexpected edge!  Accompanied on vocals by Krista Michaela, the track opens with a mellow laid-back guitar melody, smooth dual-vocals and a steady beat; but what I didn’t anticipate is what transpires about a minute in!  The song takes a turn and gets lively, with thundering drums and roaring guitar, it crescendos before returning back to the original steady pace and I have to say, this was one great surprise!  Check out Lamp Teeth above and if you are eager to hear more, follow Hank on his Soundcloud page here. 

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