SONG OF THE DAY Whispertown – Born To Ride

I spend countless hours ploughing through music everyday in search of that something special and more often than not the songs I find and feature are relatively new to me too!

That’s the buzz, finding something amidst an ocean of sounds to keep me afloat and that’s what I endeavour to do every day!

Today’s song reached out and pulled me in straight away, it felt like an old friend and I was more than happy to be led into this soft, cool world.

Born To Ride is the latest song from the LA-based artist, Morgan Meyn Nagler, a singer-songwriter and guitarist who goes by the name of Whispertown.  Her band consists of a revolving cast of musicians and her sound is defined by her distinct loose-fitting, easy-flowing vocals.  This new track is the second offering from her forthcoming album I’m A Man and follows in the footsteps of the album’s title track which came out last month.

Born To Ride is the albums opening track and offers a gorgeous blend of dreamy Americana and indie-psych, topped off with by the dulcet tone of Nagler’s effortless vocals. Listen above.

Whisptertown’s album, I’m a Man, is due for release on September 1st via Indie label, Graveface Records, pre-order your copy from here.

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