SONG OF THE DAY The Contrails – Mummy walk (Walking death)

I’m getting in the mood for Halloween already…though if the truth be known, I’d be happy with everyday being Halloween!

I’ve just been out walking, the sun was going down and, considering its the middle of October, it’s been strangely warm, so I was relishing the fact I could still be strolling about at this hour in a T-shirt as I headed home.  The chill of the night was creeping over the fields as the haze of the day slowly sank in the West and leaves of golden colours delicately fell, some making a faint rustling noise as they dropped.  One or two times this rustle caused me to look back, wondering what it was I had heard and as I saw a leaf drop, I grinned to myself as their gentle fall made spooky noises.

It was then that I thought of this song! I was going to save it for Halloween, but ’tis the season to be creepy and I have plenty more choices tucked up my sleeve!

Today’s offering was originally titled Walking Death, but was then changed to Mummy Walk because the label thought that these words were too ‘strong and negative.’  Released on Diamond Records in 1966 by Pittsburgh group The Contrails, this track was actually the B-side to Someone, a single that couldn’t be more contrasting if it tried!  Mummy Walk is a slinky little instrumental track which I absolutely adore!  Check it out above.


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