SONG OF THE DAY Ghost Funk Orchestra – What Now

Photo: Jeanette D. Moses/Blood Sweat and Beers NYC.

This band’s title, Ghost Funk Orchestra is interesting enough in itself, but if you connect the substance of sound with the style of name, what you get is a very dynamic blend of DIY psychedelic soul, latin funk/jazz, hip hop and surf.

Ghost Funk Orchestra is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based Seth Applebaum and a collective consisting of nine band members.  As a group they only started performing together live in the last few months which, considering how consistently packed-out all of their shows have been, is an impressive feat.

a1080208318_10Their latest EP, Something Evil gathers together an appealing collection of both instrumental and vocal-based songs with fitting titles such as Evil Minds (great opening track), Night Terrors and Fear, fusing together male/female vocal leads. Today’s track is a haunting instrumental with chunky beats and an eerie, hypnotic melody; easy on the ears, think David Lynch meets Portishead!  Check it out above.

Something Evil was released just over a week ago, listen/purchase the whole EP from here. 


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