SONG OF THE DAY Kotodama – Genjitsu

“Kotodama or kototama (言霊, lit. “word spirit/soul”) refers to the Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names. English translations include “soul of language”, “spirit of language”, “power of language”, “power word”, “magic word”, and “sacred sound.” The notion of kotodama presupposes that sounds can magically affect objects, and that ritual word usages can influence our environment, body, mind, and soul”….(Wikipedia)

Today’s song is a chance find that I happened to stumble upon earlier this evening whilst on a random new music hunt!

Going by the name of Kotodama (a Japanese term for the “spirit of words”) this two-man hip hop outfit are the mythic hip hop practitioners, Ogmios and Tang the Pilgrim.  Hailing from Hackney, London, Kotodama are part of a collective called Inner Peace records, (a Hip-Hop record label with a mantra of peaceful expression & emphasis on thought-provoking material) and have described themselves as “two comrades on a quixotic quest  to explore the limits of philosophy, eastern aesthetics and dusty samples.”  

Through the ritualistic use of tea, gongs and MPC’s the duo have crafted their first humble offering, Glyphs, a 10 track journey through a landscape of emergent ideas and layered concepts.  Released today, Kotadama’s debut album is crafted upon sublime big beats, interwoven with gorgeous melodies and bright, bold rhythmic infusions.  Genjitsu, translated from Japanese, means “Reality” or “Actuality” and, as with all the tracks of Kotodama’s new record, explores and celebrates the spirit of word.  Check it out above.

Glyphs is a fantastic listen, I highly recommend you check this album out!  Have a listen or grab yourself a copy from here, and if your eager to discover more, check out previous works of Ogmios here and Tang the Pilgrim here.

…one more song…couldn’t resist!

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