SONG OF THE DAY Healing Gems – Emerald Village

Whilst we wander the wilderness of the everyday, every now and then a little escapism is something we all crave! So imagine, if you will, a warm, welcoming landscape from which some music reaches out, embracing you in its melodic clutches as it escorts you to a vibrant oasis of psychedelic sounds!

Welcome to the world of LA’s Healing Gems, a space-age, exotic-psych, Latin-infused six-piece whose sound, although inspired and influenced by the past, is very much embedded in the here and now.  Their delicate blend of Latin, jazz and tropicalia pivots around bossa nova beats and fanciful free-flowing melodies offering songs of sunshine and merriment. And what’s more, their sound is original, there is no denying that!

Consisting of Jared (Guitar, Vocals), Bianca (Bass), Edgar (Keys), Michael (Drums), Xochi (Vocals, Percussion) and Trish (Vocals, Percussion), Healing Gems have so far ( from what I can gather) released just one self-titled EP which came out earlier this month!  Title track Emerald Village entices you in with its siren-like vocals, exotic beats and percussive sounds, so let these surf-filled, jolly delights into your day! Listen above and check out the rest of the EP here.

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