SONG OF THE DAY Man.Goes Human – Moonglasses

It was just over two years ago that I first featured the lo-fi Indie-rock sounds of Delhi-based outfit, Man.Goes Human, but had you asked without me checking, I would’ve said that they emerged sometime last year!!…how time flies!

No longer in their infancy, this young band emerged in 2012 are making headway with music that is defined by their experimental, DIY approach as they embed a healthy dose of noir into their music, focusing on intense lyrics, emotive vocals and a stage presence to match.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley and J.J Cale to name but a few, this band consists of Paul on vocals, Noni on guitars, Anhad on drums and Shitij on bass.

At the end of November last year Man.Goes Human released their latest EP, Moonglasses via Honest Indian Recordings (Studio Fuzz).  The 3-track takes inspiration from old blues and takes on an emotive, stirring feel whilst blending in various other genres (as this band so often and so smoothly does).   The EP’s title track starts with a lonesome guitar melody, quickly joined by the warm layering of another guitar, soon followed by haunting vocals that spend the vast majority of the song elegantly soaring high on pitch-perfect, drawn-out notes that envelope with their warming tones.  Listen above.

Order yourself a copy of Moonglasses from here. 


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