SONG OF THE DAY Kologbo – Change the System

Nigerian Afrobeat guitar legend Oghene Kologbo has been making music ever since he was a young teenager!  Spending many years performing with Fela Kuti, he later went on to record more than 50 records with his band, Afrika 70.

So rejuvenated by his music, I have featured (and will continue to feature) the mighty sounds of Kologbo, continuing with today’s song, Change The System. (Hear more music from Kologbo on my pages here.)

Every 6th of the month at Paris DJs it is Kologbo Day and the Parisian label release a brand new song from the tenor guitar player.  Fulfilling Kologbo’s request to reissue his Change The System tune, Paris DJs released this track four days ago. Originally released 10 years ago Change The System appeared on his first album, Remember Fela Anikulapo Kuti, which was recorded with German band the Afrobeat Academy.  Kologbo had heard it played in a mix from Paris DJs’ podcast and wanted everyone to be able to hear producer, Grant Phabao’s remastered version.  It’s bright and vibrant delivering punchy lyrics which exclaim, “It’s still time to change the system a few years after, because the system is a fraud.”  Listen above and purchase your copy of the song from here. 


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