SONG OF THE DAY Akalé Wubé – Alègntayé feat. Genet Asefa (Grant Phabao Remix)

Ethiopian grooves, made in Paris…..

Akalé Wubé (translating from Amharic as “beauty of the soul”) are a French 5-piece made up of band members, Paul Shield (trumpet, bugle, krar , percussion), Étienne de la Sayette (saxophones, flutes, mbira, keyboards), Loïc Réchard (guitar)Oliver Degabriele (bass) and David Georgelet (drums). 

Forming in 2009, the band were brought together by a mutual love for ethio-jazz and all of their creations are shaped, driven and inspired by the Ethiopian funk-jazz sounds of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  

To date Akalé Wubé have released four albums, with today’s mesmerising track, Alègntayé (which features he sublime vocals of Ethiopian singer, Genet Asefa) appearing on their 2014 third record, Sost (meaning “three” in Amharique).

In 2015 Paris DJs released a remix of Alègntayé which was revamped by producer, Grant Phabao (see also yesterdays remastered track by Grant Phabao).  Just like the original, the reworking is striking and shrouded in mystique, with Grant Phabao’s version defined by a reggae groove.  Check it out above and listen to the album version here.

Grab a copy of Grant Phabao’s remixed version of Alègntayé from here. 

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