SONG OF THE DAY CADE – Intro (Put Your Hand In My Hand)

Indie-folk artist Kaiya Cade, a.k.a CADE, is a singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario whose style (as described on her Bandcamp page) “embraces the nostalgia of traditional folk acoustic instrumentation, and expresses a progressive sonic aesthetic, in its mystical, haunting vocal melodies and rhythms.” 

Her voice possesses magical, ethereal properties and her music pushes into the realms of dreamy other worlds.  Delving into her Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages,  it appears that CADE has been releasing music for at least the last five years, though I dare say she has been writing for many more?

With a new self-titled album due this April via UK label Fox Food Records,  CADE has recently shared the record’s opening track and it’s a stunning listen!  Beautifully crafted with delicately woven layers of exquisite vocals, Intro (Put Your Hand In My Hand) may only be a mere 01:29 minutes long, but this song leaves a lasting impression and its immediate impact is notable! 

Check it out above and if you want to discover more, take a look at CADE’s Soundcloud/Bandcamp pages (links as above) and take a look at some of her live performances on her Youtube page.

CADE’s new album is due on April 4th via Fox Food Records.  Pre-order yourself a copy from here. 

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