SONG OF THE DAY Mabuta – Log Out Shut Down (featuring Buddy Wells)


South African bassist, composer and producer, Shane Cooper is no stranger to the music industry.  Having already won awards as a jazz performer and electronic producer when he performed under the moniker Card On Spokes, the Cape Town native has just released his debut album with his new project, MABUTA.

Translated from Japanese, MABUTA means “eyelid,” and when explaining what inspired him to use this title Shane Cooper explained how, “I wanted to start a new project this year that blended my jazz influences and my electronic music influences. I also want the band to be able to re-interpret the music I’ve released as Card On Spokes in a more live or organic way for festival shows.  If you want to enter the dream world, first you have to close your eyes. I want our music to allow you to enter the dream world.”

Drawing influences from jazz, electronic and world music, MABUTA consists of Shane Cooper (basses), Bokani Dyer (keys), Sisonke Xonti (tenor sax), Robin Fassie-Kock (trumpet), Marlon Witbooi (drums) and Reza Khota (guitar).  Last month the band released their debut album Welcome To This World which was recorded in 2017 using funds raised via crowdfunding and features a host of guest artists including Shabaka Hutchings and Buddy Wells.  

First single Log Out Shut Down is a jazz-inspired number with an afrobeat feel and, at just over 5 minutes long, is one of the shorter tracks on the album.  So if you’re in the mood for a jazz-fest, this album might be just what you’re looking for! Check out the song above and listen/purchase the whole album here.



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