Commandant Coustou – Cochon St. Antoine (Ti Paris)

French label, MaAuLa Records have just released a new compilation album entitled MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2 – Exotic Potpourri.  The album, as described on their Bandcamp page, consists of: “10 French groups who reclaim music from the world with which they have no prior link. 10 french bands play music from the World. The new “french touch?”

Introduced to both this record label and their new release via the discovery of today’s song, I have been sufficiently enticed and intend to go check out the rest of the album once I’ve posted this!  Appearing as the 4th track on the album, Cochon St. Antoine (Ti Paris) is performed by Commander Coustou, a quintet of Lyon musicians that formed in the Autumn of 2013.  Fascinated by the energetic energy of the Caribbean 40-60 calyspo groups, they draw on the repertoire of bands such as Small Island Pride, Lord Commander and Roaring Lion.

Cochon St. Antoine (Ti Paris) is a glorious track, building on vibrant layers as it gathers momentum and as I sit here listening to it, I recall a conversation I had recently about the importance of lyrics.  Their argument was that it’s pointless listening to a song if you don’t know what they are singing about and my reply was that lyrics are only one element to vocals, their sound, shape and rhythm are just as important and this is perfectly demonstrated in today’s song!  I love it just the same, enjoy it no less and wholly appreciate the tone and texture of the words, perhaps more so because I am focusing on shape and sound? Either way it’s a great listen! Check it out above and discover more about Commander Coustou here.

Listen to MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2 – Exotic Potpourri on MaAuLa Records Bandcamp page here. 

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