SONG OF THE DAY L’Orange & Mr. Lif – Strange Technology (feat. Akrobatik & Gonjasufi)

Producer L’Orange and Jeffrey Haynes, a.k.a Mr Lif, joined forces for their 2016 album The Life & Death Of Scenery.  Released through a partnership between Adult Swim and Mello Music Group, the record commences with one of four addresses from “The Narrator” (played by comedian, actor, producer and writer for The Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac).

First single Strange Technology features rapper Jared Bridgeman, better known as Akrobatik and vocalist/producer Sumach Ecks, known by the stage name Gonjasufi.  It’s a great way to open the album and in an article I was reading about the songs release, here is what Lif and L’Orange had to say about the track:

Strange Technology’ is one of our favorite songs on the record. We had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Gonjasufi and Akrobatik that both lent their unique styles to the process. This song is a great example of the combination of classic influence and modern execution we tried to use as a foundation for this project.

Released on 14th October 2016, you can check out/purchase (if you haven’t already) the album from here and check out the single above.

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