SONG OF THE DAY Nina Simone – Thandewye

Not one of Nina Simone’s more upbeat tracks it’s fair to say, but a song that is intensely captivating and definitely one to sit down and ponder over..

Thandewye Spiritual appears on Nina Simone’s 1982 Fodder on My Wings, a record she recorded in Paris which sees her joined by a rhythm section and, on occasions, a horn section, an organ and background singers.  The album is one of her more personal and introspective and includes an array of songs that touch upon singalongs, brief throwaways and aching ballads; of which I think we can safely say that today’s song falls into the latter.. Listen above.

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Nina Simone – Thandewye

  1. dozmen says:

    What does thandewye mean?


  2. Hey there!
    Im not sure what Thandewye means. I know there is a Music label called Thandewye Music for which some Nina Simone music is released on.
    I also found a site that talks about the song title and it has the word “spiritual” in brackets, so I’m not sure if that has any bearing on the word?
    I’ll research more and see if I can find anything more specific out and if I can I’ll let you know.
    I’m sorry I can’t be more help.
    All the best and thanks for getting in touch
    The Listening Post Blog 🙂

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