SONG OF THE DAY The Buttertones – Madame Supreme

Today’s song is supreme by name and totally supreme by nature!!!

LA’s cinematic retro-rockers TheButtertones are a mighty force to be reckoned with!  Their furious relentless energy is a defining feature and if you just so happen to find yourself drawn into their powerful magnetic orbit, you’d better hold on tight and prepare yourself for one crazy ride!  One of my favourite discoveries in recent years, The Buttertones have been one of my favourite finds for me ever since I stumbled upon them in 2015.

Today the band have shared Madame Supreme, one of two previously unreleased songs from the Midnight in a Moonless Dream Recording sessions.  This track will appear exclusively on Limited Edition White Label 7″ Vinyl with only 500 numbered copies available while the B-Side features a dark but faithful cover of The Walker Brothers classic Shut Out.

Madame Supreme punches, kicks and screams out with furious energy whilst Richard Arazia’s contrasting baritone vocals adds a sublime layer of pure velvety softness.  Check it out above and order your copy from here. 

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