SONG OF THE DAY Koushik — Battle Rhymes For Battle Times

I have just stumbled upon one very fine playlist! I’m only halfway through and have already compiled a long list of fantastic sounds to share!!  Thanks to this mighty collection I’ve found today’s song!

Hailing from Dundas, Ontario, Koushik Ghosh, a.k.a Koushik, is a Bengali-Canadian electronic musician who has been releasing his music since 2001.  Signed to Stones Throw his repertoire includes a collection of EP’s and singles from 2001-2005 and four full-length albums released between 2007-2009.

Koushik’s music has been described as blend of “1960s psychedelic pop, tinged with spacey soul, ethereal and frugal astral jazz, gentle funk and folk,” a mix that truly makes for a very interesting sound!  His recordings, defined by their hip-hop feel, are known for their distinguished breathy, heavily processed vocals which are then seamlessly laid over instrumental tracks.  

Using samples to create electronic beats, Koushik uses his own vocals and digs for his own loops, creating this big bright sound entirely on his own.  Appearing on his 2005 Be With EP, Battle Rhymes For Battle Times is a track that demonstrates these fine features perfectly.  Thirty seconds in and along comes this whopping big beat, a sonic boom that sends shivers as it cunningly explodes from an initially subdued intro, paving the way for the soft warble of contrasting vocals…very nice indeed! Check it out above.

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