SONG OF THE DAY Kyanos – Sunrise

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and night“Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?” Kyanos

Hailing from my very own hometown, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Kyanos are a 4-piece outfit specialising in all things dreamy!

If their music were to come with a safety warning urging the listener to anchor down when you press play, I’d not be at all surprised, for their effortless ability so set the listener adrift into otherworldly realms is simply part of their magic.  If you have been lucky enough to catch them live you will know what I mean, for its hard not to get swept up by this psyched-out, soothing abandon that courses through their musical veins.

Creative and experimental, their sound is intoxicating and soulful, captures shimmering days where boundless sunshine heats the skin and cares are cast to the shadows.  Watching and hearing them play is like entering into a kaleidoscopic, sonic wonderland where colours are vivid, time distorts and senses are indulged.  It’s an all-consuming and rather blissful experience….

Early last month the band released Lost In Blue, a 7-track, heady exploration into a world of extreme jazzy coolness.  Very recently they have  also released the accompanying video to featured track, Sunrise, which was directed by James Barlow and shot by DVA films.  An ethereal visual delight, the video traces a masked soul running fully cloaked through sparse woodland as sun rays casts luminous beams through the trees and globules of light bounce off the camera.  Awoken by an alarm it becomes evident that this masked character has appeared in a dream…..but is it a dream? Back in reality and now fully awake the dreamer walks into the bathroom and glances into a mirror.  Staring back is the same masked face and at this point the song’s pace transforms.  First it warps and slows, before a brisk beat emerges and the tempo increases as we get to witness this a very cool beat unfolding.  Back in the dream and the rest of the band appear in masks as one rotates a laptop with The Simpsons playing out…its surreal, its mysterious and truly a dreamers delight but with a sound like this, I’d expect nothing less from their video! You want escapism, you’ve come to the right place with Kyanos!!

Check out the new video below and listen to the whole EP on their Bandcamp page here. 

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