SONG OF THE DAY Ulrika Spacek – Beta Male

London-based alt-rockers Ulrika Spacek emerged in 2014 from the ashes of Reading band, Tripwires.  Formed by Berlin singer-guitarist Rhys Edwards and guitarist Phys Williams, the band also consists of guitarist-keyboardist Joseph Stone, bassist Syd Kemp and drummer Callum Brown.

Releasing their debut full-length, The Album Paranoia in 2015, today’s offering was the track that followed the records lead single She’s A Cult.  Definitely a fan of that stoner/desert rock sound, Beta Male (from what I can gather so far) possesses a more edgy, grungy feel to that of the other songs on the record, with a fuzzy Kyuss/Fu Manchu sound that works an utter treat. Heavy, psyched-out riffs and an intro that strategically pans out for over two buzzing minutes sets out a contrasting medium for the more gentle-paced verse to unfold.  The softness of the verse is only a temporary lull however, for as the track plays out the chunky purr of heavy guitar resumes once more, closing the song with the same weighty, hypnotic drone that it started with.  Check it out above.

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