SONG OF THE DAY Talking Heads – Born Under Punches 27/8/80 NYC @ Central Park

Setting a heavy funk tone for the whole album, today’s treat is the opening track to Talking Heads‘ fourth studio album, Remain in Light.  Produced by longtime collaborator Brian Eno and released by Sire Records in the summer of 1980, the band had the pleasure of laying down the majority of the record’s tracks amidst the backdrop of the Bahamas.

Acclaimed for its world influences, the record was heavily based around the music of Fela Kuti, drawing inspiration upon Nigerian music as the band experimented with African polyrhythms, funk and electronics throughout.  These rhythmic innovations and genre-defying features are truly stand-out features.

Born Under Punches has many contrasting layers, with vocals that are slow and smooth offset against brisk, punchy beats.  A tight and prominent bassline sews everything together with a flowing seam of tailored funk and the end result is this diverse and colourful piece of music!..and you may have noticed that I’ve used a live version of the track today because you get to enjoy a lovely extra couple of minutes with this take and that’s always a great thing! Check it out above. 

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