SONG OF THE DAY Rick Lancelot – Hoo Doo Man

I literally can’t wait to share today’s song! Oh boy, what a treat!!! I was listening to a radio show earlier and this track came on, I tried to find out what it was and after a lot of googling and (eventually) questioning the radio show itself, I discovered what it was!!!

This track sooo is cool, this track is off-the-scale soulful and so very sleek, I’m so glad I know what it is! So, for anyone not familiar with Ricky Lancelotti, a.k.a Rick Lancelot, this track is a fine way to introduce you! Best known for his work with Frank Zappa in 1973, Lancelot’s vocals featured a lot on Zappa’s albums, namely Over-Nite Sensation, The Lost Episodes and Läther!

Under the stage name of “Rick Lancelot”, Lancelotti released several unsuccessful singles for RCA Records in 1965 and 1966.  Around about the same time Lancelotti occasionally appeared on the ABC-TV music series Shindig as the show’s “in-house” singer and also featured as one of several uncredited lead vocalists on Hanna Barbara’s The Banana Splits.  His vocal performances also appeared on the Splits’ lone album We’re the Banana Splits; released by Decca Records in 1968. As well as all this he also sang with the group Sky Oats, whose music was included in the 1970 surfing documentary Pacific Vibrations. 

Why is it then that he didn’t get a bigger break I wonder?  With a voice voice this silky sleek, brimming with spirit and soul it does make you ponder why his singles were so unsuccessful!? I can’t get enough of this track!!!! Which, I’ve yet to announce!! Hoo Doo Man was the b-side to Lancelot’s 1965 single, Heartbreak Train.  It’s tinged with anguish, but also full of sassy retribution and this gives it a real kick! What a song is all I can say!!! Check it out above. 

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