SONG OF THE DAY Febueder – Brazillia

Image may contain: 2 peopleA little bit late with this discovery, Febueder only came into my radar this last week! Emerging in 2011 this experimental three-piece (now a two-piece) hail from Ascot, Berkshire and were formed by schoolmates Kieran Godfrey, Harry Summersgill and Sam Keysell at the tender age of just 18!  

Inspired by the likes of Graham Van Pelt (Miracle Fortress/Think About Life), Zach Condon (Beirut), Sandro Perri, Dan Snaith (Caribou). the band have always intended their music to be “experimental, playful and connective to the listener” and despite having a name that sounds like it should mean something profound and mysterious, it is nothing more than a made up creation (with the emphasis of meaning to be put into the songs and not the name – as the band declared in an interview I’ve just read).

Vocally the band have been compared to Alt-J and its easy to see why, for they possess an intensity reminiscent of Alt-J, but are also equally as gripping musically and that is evident from just the few tracks I’ve heard so far.  I can also hear elements of Palace  and its taken me a good half hour taxing my brain to figure that!! Brazillia has some really interesting twists and curves throughout, taking you in a direction that you wouldn’t necessarily anticipate from the start and I like that, it’s always good to be kept on your toes!  The track appears on Febueder’s 2014 Lilac Lane album; a record that received rave reviews upon its release and if you haven’t heard it already, check it out above! …I need to see if their other stuff is as good as this now!

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  1. Parker's Poetry says:

    This song rocks!!

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