SONG OF THE DAY Albert Desalvo – Strangler In The Night

A song entitled Strangler in the Night is never going to be about hearts and flowers, but little did I know that what I was listening to when I first heard this track were the words of the alleged Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo.  Narrated by Bostonian news reporter, Dick Levitan (who worked for talk show radio station WEEI), Strangler in the Night put Levitan together with local beat group, The Bugs to produce this song!

After DeSalvo was apprehended, news reporter and author Dick Levitan was one of the very few reporters allowed to interview him. DeSalvo was never actually convicted of any of the thirteen murders but was sentenced to life in prison for a series of rapes. Levitan was later paid an undisclosed sum by Astor Records to record himself narrating DeSalvo’s words (rumour has it that the company also paid DeSalvo $50)..and what came of this was today’s rather creepy song!   The Bugs also provided the b-side, Albert, Albert, which about DeSalvo’s crime spree and on sleeve for the single it reads: “…These are my thoughts, feelings and emotions.” Albert H. DeSalvo.”

This isn’t the only record released with links to DeSalvlo, Midnight Rambler by the Rolling Stones is also loosely based on the Strangler’s killing spree…so, not the nicest topic for a Sunday evening but a rather curious and intriguing listen nonetheless! Check it out above.

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