SONG OF THE DAY Sorcerers – Opening Titles

Some albums are created as one piece, consisting of separate tracks but best heard in their entirety and, indeed, in the order in which they were recorded; The Sorcerers latest offering is a fine example of this.

Releasing today, In Search Of The Lost City Of The Monkey God is a mysterious 12-track offering from the Leeds-based conjurers of instrumental delights, and if I ask you nothing else, I urge you to allow the time to listen to this the whole way through, uninterrupted from start to finish.  For what you will unlock in these bewitching tunes is a story of adventure and suspense, the desired imagery of this sound portraying unforgiving scenes of dense jungle, from which many eyes glare mercilessly at apprehensive explorers as they tackle uncharted territories.  As these adventurers in this imagined film make their way to their ultimate goal, they are pursued by unseen assailants, followed by the arcane mysticism of undiscovered cargo cultists and the ancient ruins of long passed civilisations……

This is truly evocative music and if left in a darkened room to allow the enchantment of this record’s charm to wash over, you will find yourself transported to other worlds in no time.  So, for today’s song I introduce you to the first track of the album, aptly entitled Opening Titles.  I do this in the hope that once you have heard this song, you will continue through with the whole album. Check it out above.

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