SONG OF THE DAY Romare – The Drifter

In 1964 a collagist, artist and author named Romare Beardon held his exhibition entitled Projections.  Depicting African-American life through a series of in-depth works, this collection featured some of his most accomplished creations of his career.

Fifty one years later came electronic musician, producer and DJ, Archie Fairhurst (a.k.a Romare) who, so inspired by the works of Romare Beardon, began releasing music under the alias of his artistic inspiration.  Bearden’s artworks inspirited the young Romare to apply a similar technique to his music and this approach has aided Fairhurst’s exploration of the roots of our modern music. 

In 2015 Romare released his debut album and named this after Beardon’s Projections exhitibion and through a collection of 11 tracks he fuses together decades of African-American musical styles into his own interpretation of old grooves and new techniques.  The Drifter demonstrates this perfectly, for where there are flashes of the new in sampled beats and dynamic breaks, so too are there nods to old blues in dusty vocals.  Check it out above. 

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