SONG OF THE DAY Lucky Brown and The S.G’s – Pecan Trees Speak To Each Other

Cover.kiFor his latest release the supreme Soul/jazz composer Joel Ricci, a.k.a Lucky Brown, was inspired by the summer sounds of the rustling pecan groves of San Marcos, Texas – the place where he also composed his Mesquite Suite.   Awakened by the works of Botanist,, Robin Wall Kimmerer in her book, Braiding Sweet, and poet Wendy Burk’s, Tree Talks, the inspiration for the title of his latest 10″ album can be found in their writings.

Pecan Trees Speak to Each Other was released yesterday via Tramp Records, both digitally and on a limited run, but make sure you’re swift if it’s vinyl you are after as these 10″ beauties were pressed in a run of just 350 hand-numbered copies only!  Funk is not an obvious associate of the natural world, so this curious mix did intrigue me when I first read about the album.  But this harmonious union of exuberant sonic bliss is colourful and vibrant, free-flowing and sensory, the connection between sound and nature presents itself here!  Today’s song is the record’s title track and album opener, check it out above and indulge yourself in these glorious words below, as featured on the release page!

Download, stream and grab yourself a copy of the album from here

(Quoted from release page) “Those who care to look and listen deeply, know that the trees are sentient beings and are in a constant and spirited conversation with their kind and the other beings of the forest. Messages delivered in tantalizing silence, like love notes passed in a classroom, are received with heady anticipation through the power of pollen. And underground, in the dark, a living network of messages are conveyed molecularly from one tree to another other through a vast system of mycelia and bacteria. “I’m hurt,” “I am hungry,” “I am dying,” I am alive!,” “I need help,” “I am afraid,” “Thank you…” These messages tell the other members when to be fruitful, when to conserve their energy, and when to defend themselves from attack. Of course, there are likely many other ways the trees talk that we cannot or will not ever hear.

In a similar way, many of us reach upward and outward for a brighter, more prosperous, more peaceful future like branches reaching to the sun. In a similar way, many of us simultaneously root down into the earth through ritual and dance, and grow and build our local and global community bodies one beat at a time. Many of us who are concerned about the loss of more and more corners of our sustaining yet delicate ecological web want to protect our water, our air, and our earth from extractive and exploitative forces. This is our home, and we are all each others’ relatives.

Furthermore, we yearn to use our gifts and our power and our life force to further the cause of the small, the tiny, the quiet, the low, and all the beings on and under the earth. We deliver these messages daily and passionately in so many ways, more and more so along the mysterious networks of the world wide web. And at times, when we have more to say, when words do not suffice, we deliver these messages with our music. Our sonic, musical, vibrational, tone messages are being sent to you right now! Our cries, our tears of sorrow and joy, our love of this planet and our love for it’s inhabitants, at once committed to the message of PECAN TREES…”

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