SONG OF THE DAY Jackie Harris – No Kind of Man (Instrumental)

Released on Chess Records, there were two versions of today’s song recorded when it emerged as a single in 1965.  No Kind of a Man was issued as an instrumental (on the b-side), with the main vocal format on the flip/main side.  Both are great, but I lean towards the instrumental every time! The tempo is punchier, the groove is harder and without the vocals, the funk is just pushed to the max!  I love the b-side!

I’ve never been able to track down too much about Jackie Harris, other than he was a singer-songwriter/radio executive and entrepreneur born in Chicago in 1936.  Jack “Jackie” Harris started playing piano and singing when he was just 5 years old and it was to be a man named Billy Davis who first introduced him to Chess Records.

Unfortunately, today’s song was the only single released on Chess and shortly after his rather brief recording career, Harris went on to become a DJ and programme director for radio station, KUXL.  He went on to work with a number of other radio stations, but never returned to music as an artist and what became of him seems to be something of a mystery! What a shame he didn’t continue as a recording artist if every record could’ve potentially sounded like No Kind of Man!!!

Listen above and check out the vocal version (A-side) below!

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