SONG OF THE DAY The Gaslamp Killer “Warm Wind (Frimpong)

Blending music from Ghana and Mali, William Benjamin Bensussen, a.k.a Gaslamp Killer, released today’s song as a single off his 2016 album,  Instrumentalepathy.  

Warm Wind (Frimpong) is one of 12 tracks from this album and pieces together something of a triumph, for this release (or at least most of it) was recorded from his bed whilst GLK was struggling for his life after a near-fatal scooter accident in 2013.  This experience has shaped his sound ever since, especially on this album, the debut for Cuss Records.

Instrumentalepathy features an impressive cast of artists tied closely to GLK over his music career with Brainfeeder, Low End Theory and beyond. Guests include. Gonjasufi, Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Niki Randa, Kid Moxie, Mophono, Amir Yaghmai and The Heliocentrics.  Continuing down the same avenue as his debut full length, Breakthrough (issued via Brainfeeder), GLK continued with the psych-y theme, fusing heavy drum breaks with traditional sounds from his ancestry, combining this with modern electronica too.

Warm Wind (Frimpong) is uplifting and enticing, shaped by cutting bass and snappy beats.  The groove is smooth and easy on the ears, yet the feel remains lively and bracing.  Winding psych melodies curve round a heady bass inflection and you can really hear the African rhythms in their expression.   Check it out above.

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