SONG OF THE DAY Ben Oliver – New Orleans Walk for Mr. Handy

Today’s dreamy little bluesy instrumental is something of a mystery it would seem!  I can’t find out anything about this sultry little 45, only that it was released on the LA label, Nanc Records.  The issue date is unknown, but judging by the labels other releases (though there aren’t many) I could hazard a guess that it was very early 60’s?

Written by someone called James L. Turner, the track was released by Ben Oliver? I think? Titled New Orleans Walk for Mr. Handy, this is the most soothing blend of blues and jazz and, with its fluttering rhythms and crescendoing passages, it gives off the most cool and consoling vibe.  The absence of any information about this song and its artist only adds to its mysteriousness and no sooner does it flicker into your consciousness, does it disappear, once again, into obscurity.  Enjoy the two and a half minutes of grace it delivers!  Check it out above.

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