SONG OF THE DAY Los Sobrinos Del Juez – Harina De Maiz

Grab your ear shades, here comes some dazzling Latin funk! Wow! What a monster! Originally released in 1974 on the Audio Latino label, Harina de Maiz was the b-side to Los Sobrinos Del Juez’s Mortifica single.

Founded in 1967 by singer/producer Carlos Oliva and other Cuban immigrants to the United States, Los Sobrinos del Juez (a.k.a The Judge’s Nephews) are regarded as one of the pioneers of  the “Miami Sound”- a musical fusion developed in Miami in the late 1960’s.  Incorporating the already popular styles of blues, rock, funk and soul, this group enriched and spiced-up these fusions with Cuban/Latin American Sounds.  The band’s first album, Los Sobrinos Del Juez, was released in 1974 on an independent label in Miami and featured today’s song as the opening track!  Harina de Maiz offers up a energised mix of wah-wah-guitar and blazing psych organ, together with some hot Latin-funk grooves and revitalising vocals! It’s a scorcher! Check it out above.

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