SONG OF THE DAY Sitka Sun – Desert

In this new world where many of us find ourselves restricted and locked-down, it’s only natural to dream of getting away and, whilst our physical selves may face limitations, I have found just the thing to satiate the desires of a mind longing for escape.

Sitka Sun is the instrumental project of the California-based bassist/arranger, Patrick Murphy.  Releasing his self-titled debut album in 2018, he has today released it’s follow up (find more from this on my new release page).

For his first album, Murphy joined forces with producer and engineer Angelo Peters to create a cohesive album of psychedelic rhythm soundscapes.  The tracks started as raw compositions and were brought to life through collaboration with a tight community of musicians in the Finger Lakes region of western New York.  On his info pages this record has been “recommended for long drives, desert landscapes, and contemplative days”…little did he know just how preserving this small collection of songs would be in the midst of a lockdown!

Sitka Sun consists of only six tracks but, averaging at over five minutes a piece, these drawn-out compositions open up worlds of dreamy escape.  Textures are soothing, mellow and always forgiving.  Tinged with mystery and possibility all in equal measure, the listening is easy and yet wholly absorbing. Flighty jazz rhythms knit together warm layers with fluttering charm, piecing together colourful sonic collages and enticing melodies.  Desert comes alive in a swirl of dusty wonder as a soft guitar howls lonesomely over the sharp punches of a heavy snare; the contrast creating imagery of harsh landscapes adorned in a soft, sandy blanket.  Check it out above and listen/purchase the rest of the album here. 

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