SONG OF THE DAY Ty Segall – People These Days

Today’s sublime piece of garage rock was one of Ty Segall’s earliest solo recordings! Originally self-released as a cdr EP in 2007, this small selection of songs were accompanied by the liner notes detailing how,  “ALL SONGS BY TY SEGALL.RECORDED ON A COMPUTER. MYSPACE.COM/TYSEGALL. THANKS!!!!!!!!”. 

Prior to embarking on his solo career in 2008, Segall started out as a part-time musician in various underground bands in Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area.  Horn The Unicorn was to be his first official solo release and was issued on cassette via the Wizard Mountain label ( re-released a year later by HBSP-2X on vinyl record).

Featuring on this debut record is today’s glorious chunk of raw, feisty garage rock!  Aside from the fact it encapsulates all of Segall’s musical inspirations into one two and a half minutes of authentic psych rock, I love that its has the kind of unique rawness that only unravels in such abundance when an artist is navigating is way into the musical world! Check it out above..

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