SONG OF THE DAY We The People – Function Underground

Both the Numero Group and Now-Again Records have featured today’s psychedelic-funk nugget on their compilations over the years, and how could you not!! This gritty fuzz-funk instrumental encapsulates the sound of its time! Fusing funky-jazz horns with raw Hendrix-esque guitars, rock and soul are married together in this super-sleek union of sound!

Originally released in 1970 on US label, Darlene Records (subsidiary label to Fervor Records), Function Underground was recorded by a band called We The People (not to be confused with the garage band of the same name).  Assembled as a one-shot team of local musicians, the band consisted of saxophonist Michael Liggins, Clarence Townes and Sam James (second sax).  For whatever reason, the mighty big shame that it is, the group only recorded the one single, but this helped to spawn “Function Underground”, a mind-melting blend of hard rock and psychedelic rock! Backed with “People”, Open Your Eyes And See! today’s song marked a shift in a movement that would bring together rock, funk and soul.  Check it out above.

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