SONG OF THE DAY Jesse James – Dreams Never Hurt Nobody

I‘ve been reading a few Youtube comments about today’s offering and the general consensus is that this is a “truly likeable song”! Which I’d wholly agree with, this little popcorn heartbreak number is a swirly soul sensation with its twangy guitar, ghostly backing vocals and warmly optimistic lyrics!

Sadly, however, Dreams Never Hurt Nobody seems to be the only single that the US r&b artist, Jesse James released! Such is the case when you find something good it would seem! Backed with the dreamy doo-wop track, Somebody Really Mineu, this single was issued on U.S label, Musicor Records in 1961.  Listen above.

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Jesse James – Dreams Never Hurt Nobody

  1. Philip Swain says:

    So he’s a different Jesse James from the other soul singer! Interesting. I assumed it was the same guy, but you are correct! Great record, I’m really wanting to get a 45. Might treat myself. Has that really haunting quality I love, that so many early 60s r’n’b tunes have.

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  2. It’s a fantastic record isn’t it! I hope you find the 45 and treat yourself! The b-side is really dreamy too ☺️…60’s r’n’b tunes do have something special indeed 🎶😍


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