SONG OF THE DAY The Us – Let’s Do It Today (Procrastination)

Let this glorious funk dream be your mantra if you are one for wavering and delaying! Dr LP Blog prescribes one dose of this three times a day to cure all procrastination ills!!

Let’s Do It Today (Procrastination)  was released on U.S label, Jaber Records in 1970 and (sadly) is the only single released by the Detroit funk band, The Us. On the B-side to this 45 is the aptly titled Peace, a dreamy instrumental number perfect for whiling away some soothing moments and quite the contrast to its flip-side.

Consisting of Doug Cassens (tenor sax); Philip Wright (guitar, vocals); Larry Scurlock (bass, vocals) and Jerome Teasley (drums), The Us were signed and produced by Robert Lewis Beavers, a.k.a Jackey Beavers who also owned Jaber Records.  The rhythm section of Wright, Teasley and Scurlock were better known as Jr. Walker’s All Star group, and they made this recording shortly before leaving the bandleader’s ranks. Bassist Larry Scurlock recounts the origin behind the song’s theme, “We were ready to get on with it. No draggin’ around, let’s do this now, today is the day! I’ve lived this motto for all of my life….”  Perfect!!!!

In 2015 Athens of the North reissued this wonderful 45, and I think is still selling hard copies? Find this here and listen and enjoy above.

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