SONG OF THE DAY Los Boppers – Ali Baba

The Los Boppers were a Mexican band known for their pioneering rock’n’roll sounds that emerged at the beginning of the 1960’s. Their musical career lasted a respectable five years, before they broke up in 1965.  In that time they recorded three LP’s and a handful of 45’s, but due to a combination of bad promotion and the departure of main vocalists Ricardo de la Garza and Paco Cañedo, their releases and band lifespan was sadly limited!

By the end of 1960 they had recorded their first album, ‘Rock’, with the small but visionary then Mexican label “Discos Coro”.  This 12-track record boasted a good sound for its time, despite the limited technology available, and it is said that this album was prepared, rehearsed and recorded in just nine hours – which is possible because at that time it was the custom of the record companies when recording to integrated youth groups.

In 1961 they joined the larger/major Mexican record label, Peerless and with them they recorded two LP’s, also covering Bobby Darin’s Dream Lover, Ricky Nelson’s Poor Little Fool and Fats Domino’s Blueberry HIll..…. and you know what? These sound great in Spanish!!!

The Boppers were the first Mexican rock group that got to tour abroad and in 1961 they travelled and played in Central America.  That same year they also failed school for being absent from their classes for so long. Although they were not heavily promoted by their record labels, they are said to have been one of the best shows of the time and their concerts were often referred to as “spectacular!”. It’s just a shame they were only about for five years!

Ali Baba was released in 1961 as the b-side to Bikini Amarillo (which if you haven’t already guessed is a cover of the dreaded, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini) but, unlike its flip-side counterpart, is a song that wasn’t a cover and was ALL the better for it!! This has character and zest! This has tinges of exotica ringing through those winding melodies and maximises the warm tones of their vocals, this is mysterious, curious and colourful!  I wish all their songs sounded like this!! Check it out above.

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