SONG OF THE DAY The Starks – Hop Skippin Lulu

I couldn’t help myself!! After featuring the b-side to this 45 yesterday, I have since fell head over heels for the flip side too!! Who oh why did this band just make one single!!??

The Starks one and only record was issued in 1966 on Salt Lake City’s Iris label. The record was later reissued on Greasy Records (not exactly sure of that date), but I am happy to report that his reissue is relatively easy to get hold of and is currently selling for a decent price online (in the region of a tenner!)….unlike the original press, which isn’t available anywhere!! What I’d do to get a copy of that!!

I think I mentioned yesterday how both of these Starks tracks have hints of other songs in them, but also how they completely stand-out in an original world of their own. It’s true! I love garage music more than anything, but one song can sometimes sound very much alike another. Not with this band! The Starks shine out like a beacon of joy, heads above most! Their sound is nestled in raw garage, but the hints of surf and rockabilly give it a different flavour. The vocals aren’t polished, nor are they singing about lost love, no, this sound is fun! This sound finds its way into your head and stays there, bringing with it lots of happiness. This music makes me smile and I love it!! I can’t put it any other way!! With its cascading surf-guitar raining down like droplets of sunshine, Hop Skippin Lulu is pure sonic bliss! LOVE THIS!!!

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