SONG OF THE DAY Les Baxter – Simba

The soothing dreaminess of Les Baxter never ceases to enchant me and, no matter where I am, this sound whisks me away from everything. It’s like my comfort magic carpet!

Today’s ethereal offering, entitled Simba, is taken from his 1955 album, Tamboo! Accompanied by His Chorus and Orchestra, this record was released on Capitol Records in 1955.  Such was its success, the LP debuted on Billboard magazine’s popular albums chart in 1956, peaking at No.6 and sticking around for two weeks. In an article written by reviewer Jo-Ann Greene, she praised the record by reporting: “It’s brilliantly done, and helped to broaden American minds and widen musical views.”  This beauty was also sampled by The Beta Band in their 1998 track, Monolith!…(just a random fact I thought I’d throw in there for good measure!)

Simba is only just over two-and-a-half minutes long, but it feels longer? This song feels like an epic voyage, and as the many organic tastes, textures and sounds envelop, this sonic journey stretches out and time falls away.. It’s magic!! Listen above.

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