SONG OF THE DAY Afro Caravan – Afro-Twist

45cat - The Afro-Caravan - Comin' Home Baby / Afro-Twist - Sonobeat - USA -  R-S 106There’s nothing like an obscure find to satisfy the soul, and what I have to share with you today is pretty rare and pretty unique. It’s a one-off in many ways because Comin’ Home Baby (a random but cool take on Mel Torme’s 1961 hit),b/w today’s delight, Afro-Twist, was to be Sonobeat’s only commercial release of a live performance by any artist.

Issued in 1968 (I think?), this stunning Texas Afro-jazz instrumental proved to be an anomaly for the Austin, Texas label (Sonobeat), who were otherwise known for their psychedelic and garage band releases.

Led by US jazz percussionist Obara Wali Rahman, a.k.a Wali King, this group went on to release a full-length LP for Solid State a year or two later, but it wasn’t (apparently) as good as this double-sider!!..and what a little dreamy little Latin funk treat this is!! Listen above.

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