SONG OF THE DAY Jonathan Richman – Want To Visit My Inner House?

The music of Jonathan Richman has, for me, always felt endearing and friendly; like its reaching out for a hug. Described as one of rock’s most eccentric and unpredictable cult figures, he is a performer whose eternally childlike public persona and seeming naivety makes him quite unique. I can’t claim to like all of his music, but I really love the ones I’m fond of!

According to his Bandcamp page, Jonathan Richman is releasing a new album today and it’s title track is really rather nice, so I thought I’d share it tonight!

Want To Visit My Inner House? is based on a poem by the poet Padmalochan of the Baul region of India.  Most of this album was recorded at the mountain studio in Marin with an array of accompanying artists, and all songs (bar one) are written by Richman. I like the simplicity of Want To Visit My Inner House, and the stripped-down, all-acoustic arrangement – it’s a nice way to open a record. Percussion is on hand drums, providing a lovely organic backdrop for Jonathan Richman to do his thing. I’d like to hear more1

Check it out above and if you’re interested, you can check out the rest of the album from here.

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