SONG OF THE DAY Selvagem – Luanda

A-3333907-1428960140-3067.jpegTranslating as “Wild” in Portuguese, Selvagem are (or were) a Brazilian duo formed by DJ’s/producers Millos Kaiser and Augusto Olivani aka Trepanad. Their relatively brief musical career started in 2013 and continued for a mere three years; in which time they released a handful of 45’s. Inspired by the sounds of the 1960’s-1970’s, their sound fuses together elements of funk and soul, adding to it shades of Bossanova and psych…it’s a cool mix with an authentic ‘old’ sound.

In 2015, Selvagem released a single called Tudo Bem and, whilst this more boogie-orientated track is not so much for me, it’s definitely still rocking that post-disco, funk sound of the late 70’s-early 1980’s.

The b-side, Luanda, is much more up my street with its warm jittery acoustics and sprightly Latin percussion. Vocals are bright and breathy, original in their delivery and refreshing at every point! Luanda is hypnotic, psychedelic Tropicália, offering a taste of the free sounds of Balnearico – this being a fusion of balearic and “balneário,” the Portuguese word that is synonymous with beach..

Check it out above.

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